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Mechanical Vises
Mechanical Vises

Mechanical Vises

Code 19.0130-000

The Т-160SM Vice is designed for fastening details. It may be used with DiKom workbenches.

Made in Belarus.

Jaw width: 160 mm.
Clamping height: no less than 90 mm.
Clamping force: 35 000 H.

Hardware for fastening the vice to the tabletop is not included.

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Стоимость изделий

Size, mm
Weight, kg
Price, eur.
T-160 CM Vice for mechanical work
T-160 CM Vice for mechanical work
T-160 CM Vice for mechanical work
Size, mm 220×235×458
Weight, kg 27.00
Price, eur. 706.59
Count - 706.59 706.59 € за шт.
Price, eur.
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