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DiKom SR-M Trolley
DiKom SR-M Trolley

DiKom SR-M Trolley

Code 14.0121-310

The SR-M Trolley is intended for transporting goods in garages, workshops, commercial premises, and electrical industries. Manufactured in general industrial and anti-static versions.

The trolley is equipped with swivel castors, two of them with brakes.

Max. permissible load on the set of castors — 200 kg.

Two shelf options:

  • general industrial 24 mm laminated chipboard (CHIPBOARD);
  • antistatic 24 mm Thermopal (made in Germany) chipboard (ESD).

Maximum shelf load is 100 kg.

The trolley is height-adjustable from 667 to 967 mm, in 30 mm increments.

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Стоимость изделий

Size, mm
Weight, kg
Price, eur.
DiKom SR-M Trolley ESD
DiKom SR-M Trolley ESD
DiKom SR-M Trolley ESD
24 mm laminated chipboard shelf.
Shelf type:
24 mm laminated chipboard
ESD plastic
MDF with a top layer of anti-static plastic
Limited quantity, discontinued. 24 mm anti-static chipboard
Size, mm 967×775×590
Weight, kg 26.30
Price, eur. 465.77
Count - 465.77 465.77 € за шт.
Price, eur.
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Technical specifications

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