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Advantages of our furniture

Высокое качество

High quality

We use reliable materials and take attention to design and manufacture issues, to bring you the most comfortable and solid furniture you’ve ever had.



DiKom furniture items are working horses which do not only represent the part of the interior but also fulfill their goals.



Items are resistant to mechanical damages, excessive humidity and temperature, withstand multiple assembly/disassembly cycles.

Умная экономия

Smart economy

It is profitable to purchase DiKom products. Savings are achieved due to prolonged operation life, high quality of goods and optimal price.


Unique character

Many DiKom products have no analogues on the Russian market. Newly developed items are patented.


Aesthetic qualities

It is our company’s custom to make not merely comfortable and reliable products but the beautiful ones as well. We try to make furniture attractive and utterly stylish.

Простота в уходе

Easy care

Metal furniture is easy to care and maintain, it preserves its appearance and consumer properties for long.


Environmental friendliness

Metal furniture is ecologically clean and safe for health. It does not contain any harmful substances and can be almost entirely recycled into new products.