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Industrial chairs: ESD

TRESTON (Finland) chairs are ideal for working at industries. The products have anti-static properties. The chairs have mechanical height and tilt adjustment of the seat and backrest. Polyurethane seats and backrest. Anodized aluminum frame.
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TRESTON C20PU Office Chair (ESD)

TRESTON C20PU Office Chair (ESD)

Industrial Office Chair. Has antistatic properties.

Weight, kg
Size, mm
620 × 440 × 410
from 1 182.94 €
TRESTON C25PU Office Chair (ESD)

TRESTON C25PU Office Chair (ESD)

TRESTON Office Chair (made in Finland). Has antistatic properties.

Weight, kg
Size, mm
850 × 440 × 410
from 1 452.87 €