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Drawers and accessories: ESD

ESD plastic containers for storing hardware and parts. Used in racks, cupboards, and modular storage counters. Different configurations are designed for different storage methods. Cubical and cylindrical drawer partitions are used for organizing tools and hardware.
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ESD Accessories ESD Accessories (2)

ESD Accessories

Accessories for ESD protection: ESD table/floor mats, ESD cloth strap, ESD ground block, ESD stretch cord, ESD ground point, ESD ground cord.

from 32.12 €
DiKom LED light

DiKom LED light

Mounted on VS/VL workbench perforated panels and SR/SR-M Workstations. Supplied with a dimmer and a front-side on/off button.

Weight, kg
Size, mm
102 × 1352 × 94
from 370.58 €
4-socket table mains filter

4-socket table mains filter

Used on DiKom Workstations and Workbenches.

Weight, kg
Size, mm
64 × 480 × 95
145.76 €
ESD B-series plastic containers ESD B-series plastic containers (2)

ESD B-series plastic containers

Antistatic B-series plastic containers are used for storing various electronic components. B-series containers have a very rigid structure and can be supplemented with partitions to create separate cells. Stackable.

Weight, kg
Size, mm
100 × 185 × 300
from 15.81 €
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