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DiKom ST-012 ESD Sloping Shelving
DiKom ST-012 ESD Sloping Shelving

DiKom ST-012 ESD Sloping Shelving

Code 21.0101-109

DiKom ST-012 ESD sloping shelving has antistatic properties and is intended for the electronic industry. It is used for storing various kinds of electronic components in plastic containers. The rack has been fully tested for compliance with the GOST R 53734.5.1-2009 standards and has all the necessary documentation.

The product is manufactured in 2000 mm height, 1000 mm width, and 400 mm depth. There are 5 storage tiers. The lower storage tier can be installed in the same way as the main tiers, or at an opposite angle for storing unused containers (see the diagram). Additional tiers can be bought if necessary. A storage tier consists of a shelf with fixture and a clamp. Plastic ESD containers are not included and must be purchased separately. Container colour — black. Products can be loaded both from the front and rear sides.

Maximum load per section — 500 kg.

Max. distributed load per storage tier — 60 kg.

The rack is manufactured in two options: ST-012 Sloping ESD and ST-012 Sloping Additional ESD. The additional rack is not an independent product. It is used for joining ST-012 ESD sloping shelving units when they are installed in a single row. Load characteristics remain unchanged when installed in a row.

Storage tiers are height-adjustable in 50 mm increments.

Shelving elements are coated with special powder paint which provides anti-static protection. Shelf colour — light grey RAL 7035. Rack colour — graphite RAL 7012.

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Size, mm
Weight, kg
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DiKom ST-012 ESD Sloping Shelving (5-tier)
DiKom ST-012 ESD Sloping Shelving (5-tier)
DiKom ST-012 ESD Sloping Shelving (5-tier)
Size, mm 2000×1000×400
Weight, kg 35.30
Price, eur. 373.67
Count - 373.67 373.67 € за шт.
Price, eur.
DiKom ST-012 ESD Additional Sloping Shelving (5-tier)
Size, mm
Weight, kg 30.76
Price, eur. 335.03
Count - 335.03 335.03 € за шт.
Price, eur.
ST-012 ESD Sloping Storage Tier
Size, mm
Weight, kg 3.88
Price, eur. 46.05
Count - 46.05 46.05 € за шт.
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Technical specifications


Height (mm):
2000 mm
Width (mm):
1007 mm
Depth (mm):
407 mm

General characteristics

May be installed in a line:


Paint type:
Powder paint
Anti-corrosion treatment:

All ESD furniture

Other product variants

DiKom ST-012 ESD Shelving DiKom ST-012 ESD Shelving  (2)

DiKom ST-012 ESD Shelving

Shelving with antistatic properties for storing components in electronics industries.

Load per tier, kg
Load per section, kg
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